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Whether you are building a product, subscription, community, cohort-based course or a newsletter, provide lightening fast support for your customers without you working 24*7!

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How it works?

All you really have to do is spread Threado AI in your network. We take care of everything else.
Refer & Rejoice
Simply share your unique Threado referral link with friends, colleagues, or anyone in need of a support upgrade.
Count 'em In
Anyone who signs up using your referral link is tagged as your referred user.
Cash In
When your referred user upgrades to a paid plan, you get a 30% commission on all annual plans.

All you gotta do is share

After you signup to Threado, a unique referral link is generated which just needs to be copied and shared. It’s that simple, really.

We track everything

You don’t have to worry about metrics, tracking, or reports. Everything from referrers to conversion is tracked from a single dashboard.

On-time payments

Based on your referrals, your commission is automatically calculated and paid out to you electronically, hassle-free!

Make an income stream

The more referrals upgrade to an annual paid plan, the more income you can make through commissions.

Become a trusted partner

Join the Threado AI fam and help us spread efficient AI-powered customer support solutions around the world.

We’ll give you everything

Join the Threado AI fam and help us spread efficient AI-powered customer support solutions around the world.

AI-powered instant support

Faster than fast

Threado AI isn't just fast; it's instantaneous. Users can get instant and accurate support, exemplifying self-service.

The all-in-one community tool

Threado AI also powers a community building tool that helps builders automate interactions to improve engagement and take control of their communities.

Intelligent support for intelligent beings

Train the bot on your knowledge base using URLs, PDFs, or even workspace conversations and install it as a chatbot, embed it, or have it on Slack or Discord channels.

Real Users, Real Love

Don't just take our word for it. Our users are raving about how Threado AI has transformed their community support. From saving bandwidth to answering complex queries in seconds, the love is real.
Threado has been a game changer in supporting our Notion community around the world. Truly one of my favorite teams in tech today and I often think about ho much time I save because of all of their innovative features. As always excited to see the next step in the product with AI and so happy for the team 🙌
The answers are pretty solid! It did a good job of finding the right content for the questions asked.
Author, The Business of Belonging, Co-founder at CMX
The bot has been incredible for our processes and surfaces complex answers in seconds. It will become integral to our business as we continue to train it on our content.
Co-founder, Foxwell Digital
We've been Beta testing Threado's AI bot in Scaler's Discord community (>100k members), and it's been helpful to answer FAQs asked by the community. Especially at times when the team is not active. It's super easy to train the bot on PDFs/ URLs and Discord channels. Excited to see how this can improve our community experience further.
Head- External Community, Scaler
Threado's AI Bot effortlessly handles frequently asked questions and provides accurate and easy to understand responses. The set-up is very user friendly and the bot is easy to use for everyone in the community. It helps both the community and the team by providing substantial answers in a fast way.
Community, Big Time Studios
I've tested Threado AI Bot, so far it looks very promising as long as you train it properly. I truly believe it will be helping massively with a lot of communities in web3! A really good innovation!
Contributor, Core DAO
Threado's AI bot - the snappy caffeine-powered squirrel of FAQs. Armed with team wisdom, it is lightning fast at answering questions from PDFs/URLs and Slack channels. So easy to train, you'll be AMAZED! Let Threado's AI bot bring laughter and answers to your community in style.
Community, MyCaptain
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