How Threado AI helps resolve up to 100 tickets for Sessions’ support team

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About is a dynamic platform designed to enhance customer-facing sessions like webinars, workshops, and demos. It's all about delivering immersive and interactive experiences, thanks to features like ultra HD video and audio, real-time collaboration tools, interactive agendas, and an AI copilot for smooth webinar management.

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Since the pandemic led to conference room meetings turning into virtual video calls, the complexity of having to communicate stayed the same. None of us are oblivious to what this significant increase in online meetings led to - Zoom fatigue, bored participants, and a fragmented approach to collaboration. And soon it wasn’t just about attending meetings, but factoring in the entire process that a meeting leads up to and what it concludes towards.

You use one app to book a time slot, one to create presentations, another to share information, and yet another to run meetings. The experience becomes uneasy and overwhelming in a lot of ways. A lot of information leaks out in having to transition from one tool to another causing work to slow down or even degrade over time.

“The idea of Sessions came to me before the pandemic when I organized an in-person board meeting that lasted for hours. I was frustrated by the time spent in that unproductive situation. Considering the cumulative prorated salaries of all attendees, one realizes that it costs thousands of dollars. Then I started a crusade against unproductive meetings with a powerful idea in mind” - Radu Negulescu, Founder & CEO, Sessions.

This is how Sessions came to be, a startup that was born from keeping in mind the importance of time, which is what factored into a team that values customer satisfaction before anything else. Also, the community was never an afterthought at Sessions, but unequivocally, one of the most important elements that factored into the foundation of a customer-first approach to growth. Most of the decision they make revolve around catering their customers and advocates better. Their recent partner program as well is a testament to that with the motto "Let's Thrive Together".

How Support functions at Sessions

The thing about startups, and as most people working at one would agree, is that you have to wear a lot of hats. Designation isn’t set in stone and that is evident from how the support team functions at Sessions. A team of former QA engineers handles all support concerns and their job is to filter issues, report bugs, identify problems, and take them to the dev team that then solves it. This is Level 2 support.

Level 1 support is for more simpler issues for which the team has created resources such as help articles, how-to guides, and video tutorials to promote self-help and make it easier for customers to find most of the solutions to their problems on their own. The support team’s tech stack includes Zendesk for ticketing, Jira for bug reporting, and Product Board for roadmap.

Where Threado AI fits in is for AI-based support within their Slack community. “On Slack, we are doing things differently, so, it’s not just “support” in the sense that we’re resolving tickets but more of a conversation. In order to make this possible, we keep the bot updated and teach it as much as possible to be able to resolve queries more accurately,” said Savian Boroancă, Head of Community at Sessions.

Having a community promotes conversations between customers which works in the favor of the team as, at times, customers help resolve each others’ concerns without needing any help from the support team. “Because we’re developing fast, sometimes we don’t have time to spend trying out new features, so, we end up not knowing the product as well as some of the customers might. This is where having nurtured a community works in our favor,” said Savian.

Enter Threado AI

Sessions’ Slack community being the primary channel for support and Threado AI being the only tool that offers support on Slack, gave the team exactly what they needed - an intelligent bot that can learn from knowledge bases and guide users without human intervention. “The best part about the bot is that it covers support 24/7 which is a dealbreaker for us as the team isn’t spread across that many timezones or doesn’t work the weekends for us to be able to provide manual support around the clock,” explained Savian.

The bot resolves 80% of the customers’ concerns

While talking about the bot’s accuracy, Savian explained, “When the bot knows the answer, it does a fantastic job. But sometimes the questions can be ambiguous or complicated. These are times when we have to intervene but I would say that at least 80% of the time, the bot is able to resolve concerns perfectly, which is amazing.”

Since the Support team started using the bot on their Slack channels, over 2000 customer queries have been posted, over 1600 of which have been resolved by the bot, accounting for over 80% of the queries being resolved accurately.

The team would see up to 100 more tickets without Threado AI

“There are times when we have very high traffic like when we got listed on AppSumo the first time, there were about 200-300 tickets for each person in a day,” said Savian in talking about how the team handles higher ticket volume. “Our team of 4 usually handles about 80-100 tickets every day but when we see higher volume, we assign up to 3 more people to handle them.”

Sessions’ user base has almost tripled in the last 6 months which has also led to an increase in tickets. “Because Threado AI helps resolve 50-100 queries every day, the ticket volume per agent remains tremendously under control, and despite an increase in product users, we haven’t seen an increase in support tickets per agent,” Savian explained further. Without Threado AI, the team would’ve had to handle more tickets leading to stress and inefficiency, or would’ve been in dire need of expansion.

Threado AI has helped with customer satisfaction

Unfortunately, Sessions was forced to change their video conferencing solution and the process wasn’t exactly seamless. As a startup with a slightly established customer base, going through turbulence isn’t easy - they get impatient, user experience is at risk, and there’s constant fear of churn.

“During this time, our KPIs and support metrics slightly suffered in a way, but in many aspects, especially our customer success metrics got better thanks to the bot. Things would’ve been much worse without the bot, that’s for sure,” said Savian.

Over 65% of the customers in the Slack community have been extremely satisfied with the bot’s response to their queries. Customer satisfaction also stems from the fact that important metrics like First Response Time (FRT) and Resolution time are tremendously affected by the bot.

How Threado AI fits into Sessions’ future

“Threado AI is essential to us, no doubt about it, and with the volume, Threado AI’s importance will also grow along with it; we will rely more and more on Threado AI,” said Savian while talking about Sessions’ future with Threado AI.

The team is also looking to have Threado AI more intricately integrated into their support processes such as product and website integrations. “The other thing is - if we’re able to have Threado AI into our product and website, then it comes full circle. The impact we will have then would be exponentially higher and I’m sure we’ll be able to get there, perhaps sooner than later,” explained Savian. Furthermore, he expressed how impressive the performance of the bot has been overall and believes that it will only get better in terms of understanding context and responding to customers while they work on upgrading their knowledge bases altogether.

"And thank you as team, you’re always available, always there for us whenever we need any help. The team has always been responsive and patient. Esha, Pramod, and the entire team - you’re doing amazing things and I’m quite certain that I can rely on you if anything happens. Always." - Savian Boroancă

Sessions has been with Threado AI for a very long time now and we hope it only gets better.

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