Five things we learnt from Threado Community Hour

The first ever episode of Threado Community Hour featuring Sharath Kuruganty of ProductHunt and our very own Pramod Rao
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Maithreye Murali Reddy
February 4, 2022

We hosted our first ever Community Hour just a few days ago (yay!!) Episode One was a roaring success with speaker Sharath Kurunguty dropping some major truth bombs (see more on this below!) and hosted by Threado’s own Pramod Rao.

With a full house, attendees were eager to have real conversations on building a community and folks were bustling with energy keen to know more on how to build a successful community.

“If you start a community, be prepared to amplify other people’s voices over yours” - Rosie Sherry

We had a very fervent audience who were active on chat and were brought up in the spotlight with their live questions!

💡 Question by Arlen Kimmelman Could participation be the currency for entrance to the "gated" community?

💡 Question by Nkechi What's your thinking about DAOs and community building?

💡 Question by Sakshi What kind of content should you create to reach from zero to one in a very niche industry? Is there something that definitely works for CLG?

💡 Question by Mrinal Bhattacharya How important is it for platforms today to introduce social currency or monetization opportunities? And how can one determine at which stage of the community life cycle such decision make sense?

💡 Question by Katie Walker How do you keep a community from dying out in the beginning stages if you don’t have someone to focus full-time on building it?

And not to disappoint, but they were answered. We have exciting things planned and will be answering these very significant questions in detail. Watch out for more!

Here are five key takeaways on community building

  • The time to start a community was yesterday! Yes, you heard that right. We are in an era where it is all about Community-led growth. Organizations have moved from the sales and product-oriented growth strategies and now understand the value of community building.
  • Authenticity is everything. The best way to stand out is to be true to what you are building. Trust is key in community building and being authentic helps build trust in your community and among your members
  • If you have infinite patience, you’ll see immediate results. Yup, read that again. A successful community doesn’t fall into your lap - it requires undiminishing patience and persistence to kick-start a community and nurture it. Community building ain’t always sunshine and rainbows. There are days when you question everything you’re doing, and then there are days when you only wish you started earlier.
  • Give give give and then ask! Community building is not about giving first. When you focus on giving to the community, one day the community will give you back tenfold. Having the patience and understanding to look at it long term is key.
  • Community building isn’t about the numbers. It’s better to have ten highly engaged members who value your community than to have a thousand who barely even interact. Don’t measure success on quantities, focus on the quality of what you’re involved with.

“Communities are many-to-many” - Ryan Hoover

The last half moved to networking sessions where attendees were specifically mapped in intimate groups of like-minded individuals so that they could make real connections and gain insights.

It was truly something to see the spirit of community building come alive with so many curious individuals, learning from one another.

It was magic coming alive those 60 mins.

Next what you ask? Signing off for now, but we are getting back to planning an even more enriched experience for you. So stay tuned as we come to you with our next episode which is going to be bigger and better!

See you all at the next Threado Community Hour’s coming real soon!

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