📹 Sharing a community tour video with your members

Make it easy for your community members to navigate your community.
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Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021

Help your members navigate the community. Give a quick video tour of the Slack or Discord space. Educate them about the channels and get them started by prompting them to post their introduction.

  • Use Loom, include the video in your email communication, and pin it on Discord/Slack.
  • Use Amberscript to transcribe your video to text if needed.
  • Use Bonjoro to share a personalized selfie video clip in the welcome email, explaining the significance of the community.

Here's a great example:

Additionally, you could get your most active contributors to create 1-minute video guides around:

  • How they use the community space effectively
  • What hacks do they use to keep up with what's happening
  • Any recommendations on what to do when stuck with questions

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