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Beyond connections, curated and relevant content is the glue that brings the community together. Here are some content ideas to explore for your community.
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Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021

"Best content for a community is content about the community! Create community newsletter: Community announcements, Interviews & AMAs, Recognize great community contributions in the community, Spotlight community members in real world, UGC guest columns" - Erik Torenberg

Here are some content ideas to explore for your newsletter, channels and blogs and some examples below:

  • Introduce new members who've joined
  • Top discussions from your community
  • Celebrate small wins from the community
  • Share content from AMAs, workshops, sessions conducted
  • Call out top contributors and their content
"Five kinds of community posts that work every time: 1. Creative challenge (“Caption this photo”) 2. Debates (“Slack vs Facebook”) 3. Nostalgia (“Who’s your fav emo band?”) 4. Hot takes (“Whats your unpopular opinion?”) 5. Vulnerability (“Anyone else struggling today?”)" - David Spinks

Community Wisdom from Lenny's Private Slack community


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"Great community builders are great listeners. They patiently observe what people want and provide value accordingly. It can get noisy so it is important to signal value and contextually create content around it." - Sharath Kuruganty

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