Support Driven AI
Benchmark Study

A survey designed specifically for customer support leaders and professionals to get a deeper understanding of AI in the support landscape and its impact

Threado AI partners with Support Driven in their AI Benchmark Study

With over 10,000+ customer support professionals, the Support Driven community comes with the experience of some of the top industry leaders.

Why participate?

Benchmark your AI strategy against your competitors
Gain measurable insights to refine your strategies and operations
Use insights from the survey to stay ahead of the curve
Participate in the survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the survey?
This survey is designed specifically for customer support leaders and professionals.
What is the survey about?
This study is intended to provide data and numbers that can be used by customer support professionals to compare and understand what their peers are doing with AI and how they can fine tune their strategies.
How will my responses be used?
Your responses will be used to derive insights into future of AI in customer support, its impact  and finding common themes to further develop an industry benchmark.
Will the results of the survey be shared?
Yes, the insights gained from the survey will be shared with participants on email when the study is completed!
How can I join the support driven community?
The Support Driven community had over 10,000+ customer support professionals. You can join it here.
What are member custom views that I get with the paid plans?
Member custom views are the custom cohorts of members that you can view by applying filters on the members dashboard. You will get 3 member custom views for the Basic Plan and unlimited for both Pro Plan and Enterprise Plan.
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