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☑️ Community Building Simplified

☑️ Community Building Simplified

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Pramod Rao
June 22, 2021

Hi there 👋

Welcome to our weekly newsletter about everything community. We are at 468 subscribers and growing! 🍾

💡 In the Spotlight

Watch the latest episodes of CommunityHub Spotlight where we speak to community builders from across the globe about their community-building journeys 👇

📹 Candid Conversation with Marie Denee (Founder, The Curvy Fashionista)

"Once you're thinking big, think bigger. Because as a creator, as a content creator, like sky's literally the limit. My job didn't exist 12 years ago, like literally..." - Marie

☑️ The Community Building Checklist

💻 We migrated to Webflow for our main website and blog! Here are our learnings 👇

Explore more resources, how-to guides, interviews on CommunityHub by Threado! 👇

Let's go!

📺 Watch out this space for candid talks with these community veterans next week and more resources around community building 👇

🤝 Calling out for beta testers!

We will be rolling out our beta soon (starting with Discord) and are looking out for beta testers who can take it for a spin and give us some early valuable feedback!

I'm ready to test it out!

🗞️ Community Space Reads

🎙️ Clubhouse extends creator-first monetization programme to India

Audio-only social platform Clubhouse extended its Creator First program to India today. The program was launched in the US in March and was amongst the first monetization features Clubhouse announced for its platform.

👨‍💼 Who controls your brand's community?

🏛️ 7 Ps of community

🗓 Community Events

🤝 [25th June, 10:30 PM IST] Community Hacked - Join award-winning community builders, industry leaders & experts to learn proven engagement and growth tactics that actually work. RSVP here.

💬 [25th June, 10:30 PM IST] AMA with Jackie Bavaro, Co-Author of Cracking The PM Interview & Head of PM at Asana. RSVP here.

🎙️ [26th June, 12:30 AM IST] Live Expert Q&A with Blake Emal, Chief Marketing Officer at, hosted by ProductLed. RSVP here.

⚙️ Community Tool

🏃🏻 Run The World - Fire up your virtual events

Run The World is a one-stop solution for virtual social gatherings, webinars and conferences that deliver engagement.

📹 Vidyard - Free Screen and Webcam Recording

With Vidyard’s free screen recording tools, you can transform your prospecting communications, customer presentations, and team updates into videos that help your message get heard.

That’s it for this week. If you liked our content, please do give us a shoutout and spread the word. 💌 🤟

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Pramod Rao

Pramod aka Prao is the Co-founder of Threado. He is an avid Chelsea supporter, loves to travel when free and spends time being a pet parent. Prior to Threado, he was an early core team member at Zomato leading user growth, content and community.

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