Outreach by Threado - Introducing email communication for communities

Email communications for your community without the hassle of uploading a mailing list. Engage with your community across different platforms all using a single community tool.
Priyanshu Anand
October 9, 2023

Outreach by Threado - Introducing email communication for communities

Email communications for your community without the hassle of uploading a mailing list. Engage with your community across different platforms all using a single community tool.
Priyanshu Anand
November 24, 2022

We understand just how dynamically complex it is to manage a community of diverse individuals who interact, engage, respond, and comprehend things differently. To be able to reach most, if not all, is both a strategic and time-intensive challenge which is, surprisingly, not supported by quite a lot of community tools including those that have been built exclusively for community builders.

Because of this, most community managers end up having to make do with a collection of different tools that aren’t even exclusively designed for community building. Driving community engagement at scale is already challenging as it is and a lot of focus gets divided into scaling interactions, leaving not much room for strategizing, experimenting, or even analysis.

The internet has enabled flexibility at a scale unprecedented. Most people don’t just stick to one platform i.e. they communicate across various channels. Although this is great for individuals, on the other side of the spectrum, it becomes difficult to reach them especially if you’re depending on just one community engagement channel for all your interactions. As a community builder, even if you’re driving communications at scale across just one platform, realistically, it narrows the possibility of you getting through to your target members.

To solve the challenges of community builders, we’re constantly innovating newer ways to create an intricate platform that makes community management manageable. Community building is deeply rooted in dynamic outcomes and altogether, it’s quite difficult to understand and put a number on human interactions. But there has to be a way to centralize all communications at scale and free up time to focus on the important things.

Introducing Outreach by Threado.

Manifesting the idea of a command center with Outreach

Yes, there are other email communication tools but that comes with the hassle of sorting through emails and importing CSVs which, let’s be honest, is not what most community builders want to be doing.

A new channel for personalizing cohort-based communication using email. That’s right, you can now engage with people outside of your community through email communications.

  • Outreach, in addition to automation workflows and bulk messages, has made Threado the go-to solution for all community management needs.
  • Sending emails is as easy as sending a DM because setting up recipients is as easy as using filters to define custom member cohorts.
  • Provide value to members outside of the community and ensure more engagement and visibility through email communications.

What can you do with the new Outreach feature -

  • Send out your community newsletter without worrying about updating the mailing list all the time as Threado automatically updates new members.
  • Most members in your community are inactive, which means all the DMs you’ve sent are probably still unread. What’s better than filtering out inactive members and running an email campaign? If you offer enough value, they might come back and engage in the community.
  • Run event promotions, reminders, and announcements based on member interests.
  • Schedule emails in advance. This can be particularly helpful in cases where you have a community calendar. You can setup all email communications at once and free yourself from constantly worrying about sending out communications.

How to send an email campaign with Outreach?

Setting up and sending email campaigns is fairly simple. After you’ve signed up and integrated your community with Threado, navigate to the outreach dashboard.

Create a new message after which sending/scheduling an email is an easy 3-step process from defining your recipients and building up the email to sending it.

  • Setup - Define the basics such as sender and reply to, use filters to define the recipients, and add the subject line using emojis and placeholders.

  • Content - Use the visual builder and various elements like headers, images, placeholders, and buttons to draft amazing emails in minutes.

  • Review - Take a final look through the email and make sure everything’s alright. You can send a test email to yourself or your teammates, schedule the email for later, or send it right away

Or, just use templates instead

We understand how community building works and what tasks are critical to all community builders out there. Choose from a wide range of templates that will help you setup campaigns much faster, each divided into various categories like announcements, newsletters, events, reach outs, and more.

Simply preview a template and replicate it on your workspace. All you have to do is customize the details as per your community and execute the campaign.

After you’ve sent out a campaign, you can measure the impact by analyzing metrics like open rates, clicks, and even engagement in the community as a result of your email.

But it doesn’t end there

Outreach by Threado isn’t just limited to email capabilities but also extends to Slack. Post or schedule messages on channels or send them as DMs to a custom cohort of members. All channel messages can be sent directly from Threado’s dashboard and the best part is that you can schedule it too.

Use outreach to schedule weekly updates, event announcements, or even fun icebreakers to get the ball rolling. Schedule DMs to custom member cohorts and engage with folks even while you’re away.

Engage with all your members, no matter where

This new outreach feature extends Threado’s capabilities as a community tool beyond just community platforms. Threado’s automation workflows have already proven to be a giant leap for driving engagement at scale and now adding a layer of outreach gives community builders a robust platform that truly functions as the headquarters for all your community needs.

Outreach enables email management for communities, allowing community builders to engage with users outside of the community. And with the provision of adding posts to Slack channels, you can not only manage your entire community from a single platform but also reach out to members wherever they hang out today. Which is quite something to be able to achieve from a single community tool, isn’t it?

Signup to Threado and start activating your community.

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