🗓️ The Best Virtual Conference Platforms 2021

A detailed overview of the best tools for your next virtual conference
Pramod Rao
October 9, 2023

🗓️ The Best Virtual Conference Platforms 2021

A detailed overview of the best tools for your next virtual conference
Pramod Rao
March 4, 2022

🗓️ Virtual events are best examples of online community engagement. With the ongoing pandemic, this has started becoming more and more relevant.

Here's a curation of few successful virtual conferencing tools that let you get started for free.


It's become synonymous to your daily catchups and conferences. Here are few key features of Zoom:

  • Webinars - Scale up your community upto 50,000 folks who could access the webinar all at the same time. Live stream your event on YouTube Live, Facebook Live and other custom streaming services.
  • Zoom Rooms - Host breakout sessions, coffee tables, brainstorming sessions with Zoom Rooms. IT brings along multi screen share, fun whiteboarding and one touch join. https://youtu.be/bQ_75A9P9sk

  • Zoom Marketplace - Zoom allows easy integration with external apps and bots making it a better collaborative workspace. Check out the integrations allowed over here.

The basic video conferencing feature comes for free (restriction being the 40 minutes limit). Read about the detailed pricing policy here.


The go-to tool for workshops and webinars preferred by some of the most successful online communities and startups. Here's why they stand out:

  • Virtual Conferences & Events : Scale upto a lakh participants seamlessly using their highly engaging platform. The feature could be used to conduct online classes, events, workshops, webinars and other community building events. Hook your audience with meaningful interactions.
  • Community Engagement : Use their rich tools (emote, questions, chat, raise hand) to engage the audience. Play pre-recorded video during workshops/fairs - recordings from a speaker/sponsor's ad etc. Increase the footfalls for your event by streaming the video live on YouTube & FB.
  • Networking : Make use of their virtual ballroom, speed networking (short, crisp conversations) with like minded people, and table chat.
  • Plan virtual events/job fairs - Facilitate branding space for events, easy ticketing platform, set up booth experience areas, fetch sponsorships - the feel of an offline event with the convenience of being in the comfort of your house.

They've a free membership that allows you to host smaller events. Check out all the plan here.


Hopin is a highly interactive and engaging platform to facilitate virtual events. It's trusted by some of the best brands and organizations around us. Here are few key features :

  • Virtual and hybrid events : Create an unparalleled experience in hosting virtual and hybrid events using their event scheduler, backstage experiences and moderation methods.
  • Community Engagement : Make your virtual event more interactive with live brainstorming, polls or real-time feedback with Miro and Slido integrations. Create a virtual photo booth or virtual mosaic with Snapbar to make your event more fun. Make your event multilingual with Interprefy.
  • Lead Gen : Build an email campaign using Hopin’s built-in email feature or through another service provider. Push registration and attendee information to Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp and more.
  • App Integrations : Zapier integrations allow you to instantly connect Hopin with 2,000+ apps to automatically automate the flow of information between systems.

Checkout their pricing policy here.


It's the virtual event platform built for chatter, connections & commerce. Check out their key features:

  • Personalized branding : Brand the entire platform space with your customized banners, URLs, etc
  • Monetize your event: Create sponsor profiles, tables, banners and monetize your events - pretty much everything you could do in an offline event.
  • Lead Gen through Exhibitor Profiles : Manage exhibitor profiles by adding product images/videos. Measure the ROI and also track lead gen reports.
  • Platform Integrations: Easily integrate ticketing platforms, CRM tools, support bots and tracking code to provide a richer community engagement experience.

Checkout more about them here.

Start your 21 day free trial
Start your 21 day free trial
Start your 21 day free trial


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