100+ CommunityGPT prompts

The ultimate community-building productivity tool for 2023!

What do you get?

100+ curated prompts

To inspire lively and engaging discussions. Simply copy-paste the prompts to get started.

Tips and tricks

Tips and cheat sheets to help you refine your search and get to your desired result quickly.
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Community building is all about creating a sense of belonging.

Build it faster and better with these 100+ curated ChatGPT prompts. Spark conversations, encourage interaction and more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can these prompts help me?
The list provides you with 100+ curated prompts that you can use to spark engaging conversations, encourage interaction, and build a sense of community among your members.
How do I use these prompts?
Simply copy-paste your desired prompt from the list and use it to start a conversation or discussion among your members.
Is the prompt list customizable?
No, the prompt list is not customizable. However, you can use the provided tips and tricks to refine your search and find your desired prompt quickly.
Can I get a copy of the prompt list on Notion?
Yes, you can get a copy of the prompt list on Notion. Please use the provided Notion Doc link to access it.