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Best practice

A best practice is used to refer to the act of doing something in the best way that it can be done. The idea behind a best practice isn’t to do something differently but rather about doing the same thing in a way that has proven to show better results.

Why a best practice is often recommended is because it’s a method that has been tried and tested over the years and has finally arrived at a point where people can filter out tricks that can enhance the same process if certain things are done a certain way.

For example - that previous sentence (or paragraph) is lengthy and maybe even difficult to read at once. A better way, or a best practice, would be to introduce shorter sentences and use more punctuation.

Rephrased -

Why do we need best practices? Because it’s a tried and tested method that has been experimented with over the years. It has been filtered to figure out certain tips and tricks that can enhance the same process if some things are done a certain way.

There are certain best practices in community building that can help you strategize a better, sustainable approach to community building. Hear it from an expert -


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