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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines are defined rules and regulations that are meant to govern how members interact within a community. The purpose of guidelines is to draw boundaries and set limitations as to what will or will not be accepted in a community.

It might seem trivial at first but setting guidelines is necessary to maintain proper decorum and a code of conduct that keeps engagement within the community respectful and friendly. It encourages inclusion and humane behaviour so that people have a joyful experience in the community that keeps them constantly involved.

On the flip side, not having proper guidelines can lead to disrespectful conversations, offensive language, spamming, harassment, and a lot more problems that will definitely mean the end of the community.

How and what type of guidelines can you set for your community?

  • Promote gender-neutral language to foster inclusion and equality.
  • Ask people to strictly be respectful of others’ race, caste, creed, gender, personal beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, and/or anything that differentiates them.
  • Use of elegant and graceful language and strictly set rules against the use of abusive or derogatory language including the use of racial slurs, personal comments, cyber-bullying, or harassment.
  • Be mindful of people’s time, boundaries, and privacy.
  • Consensual sharing of information and no doxxing.
  • Not spamming channels with promotional content.
  • Keeping the conversations strictly relevant to what the community promotes and is all about.

Here’s an example of community guidelines from Webflow’s community on Discord.

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