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Direct Message

A direct Message or casually referred to as a DM is a message you send to a community member’s personal inbox. DM is also used casually to tell someone you will be messaging them or have messaged them personally.

“I’ll DM you the details.”

“He DMed me about the event.”

“She’ll be DMing me the content.”

Sending DMs is a great way to personalize interactions and has been popularized in communities as the go-to method for onboarding, activating, and driving engagement.

It’s not much of a problem when you have a small, manageable community that can be handled manually. But DMing thousands in larger communities is outright impossible to do one by one. This is why we developed the Bulk DM feature that lets you send automated bulk messages to members. There’s also a variety of message templates you can choose from to cut your work even shorter.


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