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Internal wiki

An internal wiki is a place for your internal team to share knowledge, insights, and all information relevant to the team. Internal wikis are a community’s go-to place for any collaborations and team efforts. This is why it should be as well detailed and organized as possible.

There are no limits to things you can include in an internal wiki. Some of which can be -

  • Meeting discussions and important pointers.
  • Community goals and roadmap.
  • Kanban boards to have an overview of daily tasks and projects.
  • All content including planning docs, drafts, design docs, etc.
  • Project plans, job delegations, and timelines.
  • Retrospectives, learnings, and wins.
  • Business impact, data

Given the sensitive nature of the information that can be contained within the internal wiki, they’re meant to be private and heavily secured with restricted access. No unauthorized individuals should be given access until decided otherwise by the community manager. Wiki’s are also collectively maintained by all participants. This means every member has the right to make edits, collaborate, update, and ensure an overall transparent communication.

Why should you have an internal wiki for your community?

  • It helps eliminate team silos and makes collaborations more immersive.
  • Maximize efficiency by saving time on looking for information.
  • Access to all information helps take better, informed decisions about the future of the community.
  • All the company knowledge is in one place so there’s no risk of anything getting lost in the mix.
  • Organized knowledge is easier to comprehend for not just the team members, but also new members of the team.

Check out this checklist that tell you things you can include in your internal wiki -


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