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Knowledge base

A knowledge base is a headquarters for all knowledge resources pertaining to what the community is all about. It’s a primary source or location for storing all sorts of informational content for the community to refer to and learn from at any time. This content is usually produced by the company and has in-depth resources explaining everything that the customers or the community will need.

Why should you have a knowledge base?

  • It’s the single greatest source of all product and company knowledge all in one place.
  • Makes for self-help. So, community members and customers are able to address most of their problems simply through docs and tutorials.
  • Helps attract more customers. A well-maintained, detailed knowledge base is attractive to users and it could possibly be a dealbreaker.
  • Become the king of content with a knowledge base and community-generated content. Communities are for people to help each other, so anything that’s possibly not available in the docs will be addressed by experienced users in the community. There will never be any gray area that drives customers away.
  • Easier to provide customer support and focus more on success.

What should be included in an ideal knowledge base?

  • Complete technical documentation including developer and API docs.
  • How-to guides and tutorials of the product - both docs and videos.
  • Host interactive sessions with SMEs (subject matter experts) as webinars.
  • Blogs and articles.
  • Templates, samples, and practical examples.
  • FAQs and a support forum to answer commonly asked questions.

Notion’s knowledge base exemplifies how to serve your community right. From blogs and templates to tutorials and documentation - the resources are enough for anyone to learn and grow from. It also accounts for effective customer support, maximizing satisfaction.



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