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No-code refers to a new era of technology that does not require any coding to build products and software that would otherwise traditionally be only be built using a certain extent of programming or coding.

No-code became popularized in the last decade and today, there are thousands of no-code tools for people to choose from and build great products.

Most no-code products feature a very user-friendly interface, an interactive visual builder, and a dynamic database to allow users to build fully-functional products that are market-ready.

Why is no-code so huge all of a sudden?

  • It bridges the gap between the vast majority of people who don’t know how to code and the ability to build great products.
  • It’s easy to use, even for programmers who wouldn’t need to spend months figuring out the logic and implementation strategies.
  • Faster. Most no-code products can be built in days, and there are some using which you can build products in hours. Deploy with ease and you wouldn’t have to worry about stuff like security or scalability.
  • No-code has allowed entrepreneurs and smaller business owners to shape their ideas without having to outsource projects or spend thousands of dollars on building software.
  • The no-code industry is giving rise to a new era of no-code developers who are able to work full-time providing no-code services.

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