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Nurturing in a community is the process of offering immense value consistently. Nurturing is about how everything - even the smallest of efforts - can grow engagement and amount for visible growth over a period of time.

Nurturing is one of the most (if not THE most) integral parts of community building simply because it covers such a large spectrum of what being in a community really is all about. But nurturing is not absolute, and neither is it a numbers game, especially in communities. Nurturing is hard work. Nurturing requires patience. Sometimes you won’t see any progress for weeks on end, and sometimes things might seem to be going the opposite way, but that’s all a part of it.

It’s like looking after your plants, raising a kid, or starting a business. The most important thing in nurturing something is consistency. You have to show up every day and keep at it, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the moment. Nurturing is the art of compounding at its finest.

Some ways in which you can nurture your community -

  • Cultivating a culture.
  • Introducing rituals that are unique to your community. Rituals are what bind communities together because it becomes something that is mutually exclusive for everyone in that community. It becomes a reason to stick around.
  • Identify the right channels where your community is most likely to hang out or enjoys hanging out.
  • Be as transparent and decentralized as possible. The lower the hierarchies, the more approachable and comfortable everyone gets.
  • Be welcoming of concerns, feedback, and ideas. The more you involve the community, the more invested they’ll be.
  • Put out great content.

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