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A roundtable or a community roundtable is an interactive session for all community members to join and discuss almost anything. The role of a community manager is to facilitate a highly interactive session that allows people to open up, talk about their ideas, and figure out solutions to problems together.

Why should you organize roundtables in your community?

  • It’s an open discussion where everyone is given an equal opportunity to speak.
  • Great way to brainstorm ideas or dig deeper into topics that needs resolutions.
  • Varying perspectives are an amazing source for knowledge sharing and exchange.
  • Provides an opportunity for networking and for members to know each other better. A deeper bond leads to deeper engagement.

Some best practices to keep in mind while organizing a roundtable -

  • Set up an agenda or dedicate time limits for discussions. Introductions and working projects followed by problems and then presented solutions.
  • Limit the size. You need to have the right amount of people in the conversation because too little will lead to a rather flat conversation and too many might be chaotic.
  • Have facilitators ensure the conversation goes smoothly.
  • You can even have a guest speaker if the content is discussion is relevant to them or if they are an expert in the subject.


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