What are the must-have skills for community roles?

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Hritika Singh
November 25, 2022

The role of a community manager is very dynamic and expects you to have a varied set of skills. The role can be different for each company based on the domain and industry they are in but the overall skillset remains the same.

Let’s start with the first question you may have - what qualifications do I need to become a community manager?

There is no specific degree that is required for a community role. The job will expect you to have a diverse skill set. From running events to being creative with the experiments to analysing results - you’ll be doing this on the job.

However, there are some things you can have on your resume that will make you a desirable candidate. Some of the skills include -

  • Empathy - The job of a community manager is people focused. Whether it is developing community guidelines or working on community initiatives - you will be expected to think from the perspective of the community members. One might argue that empathy is more of who a person is than a skill. Well, that’s what being a community manager is all about.
  • Creativity - To manage a community, constantly engage with them requires you to have a creative mind. Identifying patterns, creating content and forming engagement strategies will be part of your day to day activities.
  • Data-driven - It is very important for community managers to measure engagement and results within your community. This helps them to understand  what’s working and what’s not. And while you might have the analytics team to help you collect the data points, a community manager should be comfortable interpreting data and using it to make decisions.
  • People’s person - A major part of your role entails interacting with people. A community manager is expected to be the face of the company in many ways. You will be at the core of the relationships built in the community.
  • Multitasker - Juggling between tasks will be a regular affair. There will always be too many things happening in the community and you will be expected to be on top of everything. Having this skill is always an important!

A community manager is a do-it-all job that can mean different things for different companies and industries. Having an understanding of the industry you are applying for will always be helpful. Research thoroughly about the company, role, people and the industry before your scheduled interviews.