Engage with your members, no matter where

Extend interactions beyond your community and start engaging with members with email capabilities without the hassle of uploading a mailing list.

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An all-in-one solution for communities

Send/Schedule targeted newsletters, events, resources, reminders, announcements, and basically everything else - just by defining custom cohorts with filters.

Use member cohorts, not CSVs

Sending emails is as easy as sending DMs because all you have to do is use filters to define recipients. But you can upload CSVs too if you want.

And it gets easier with templates

Send out emails in under a minute using a wide variety of templates where all you have to do it customise the messaging define recipients.

21 day free trial. No credit card required.

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Draft flawless emails in minutes

Outreach features a comprehensive and intuitive visual builder to help craft amazing emails in no time. Oh, and the entire process is just 3 steps - setup, write, send.

Drive more value outside of the community

Engage with inactive members in the community with value-driven emails that are more likely to be seen and in turn drive more engagement.

21 day free trial. No credit card required.

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Send now or, you know, later?

Setup emails in advance based on your content calendar and schedule them. Free yourself some time while Threado handles all your Outreach campaigns.

Not just emails, it’s for Slack and Discord too!

Post messages across channels or send them as DMs to custom member cohorts directly from the dashboard. And yes, you can schedule it too.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Outreach as compared to other emailing software?

The goal of outreach is to give all community builders an all-inclusive platform for driving interactions across various channels of communication. Outreach doesn’t just let you send email communications but also post messages across Slack or Discord channels, and send DMs. What’s even better is that you don’t need a CSV list to send emails and can simply use filters to define recipients.

What are the things I do with Outreach?

Outreach lets you send emails to users simply using filters so you can target custom cohorts of members without having to sort through a mailing list. Post messages in Slack or Discord channels and send DMs to Slack members. Send messages instantly otherwise schedule them if you want to send them out later.

What if I want to upload a CSV list?

Of course, you can import email ids as CSV if you want to add more members on Threado’s dashboard. Threado also lets you tag those members on import so you can identify them easily and use that filter to send your outreach.

Can I schedule multiple outreaches at once?

Sure, you can! In fact, this is a great way to follow a calendar and setup all communications at once, without having to worry about it later. Schedule all your outreach messages at once and focus on other things while Threado sends them out exactly when you want them to go out. And this applies to all - email, Slack, and Discord outreach.

Can I see metrics like opens, clicks, etc.?

Yup. After an outreach has been sent, you can see the details - deliveries, clicks, opens, and engagement where engagement is the percentage of users who posted a message or reaction within 15 days of receiving the email. For Slack and Discord outreach, you will be able to see how many members have replied or reacted to that message.

Send automated personalised messages to custom member cohorts

Create various workflows using filters and tags to include custom member groups and enroll them into carefully handcrafted workflows to drive engagement. Automatically engage members in your community by sending targeted messages along with relevant resources, guides, and content.

A gallery of templates for various use-cases

Choose from a variety of relevant templates, carefully designed to help automate some of the most important community-building tasks.

Onboard new members and Activate dormant members

Design elaborate workflows to navigate new members through the community journey. Send personalized DMs and use surveys to understand their interests. Target members who have become inactive and improve interactions in the community by engaging them with personalized messages.

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