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September 28, 2021

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πŸ’‘ In the Spotlight:

  • πŸš€ Freshworks listing on Nasdaq is a big win for the Indian SaaS Community
  • πŸͺ™ Why should you care about DeSo which recently raised $200M

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πŸ’‘ In the Spotlight

πŸš€ Freshworks listing on Nasdaq is a big win for the Indian SaaS Community

  • Freshworks had a blockbuster listing on Nasdaq, going from a valuation of $3.5 billion to $13 billion



  • This is a major win for SaaSBOOMi and the broader SaaS community in India. Freshworks co-founder, Girish Matrubhootam is a founding member of SaaSBOOMi, amongst many other veterans in the space. With a PayItForward mantra at the core, SaaSBOOMi has become a tremendous support network for SaaS entrepreneurs. Freshworks is the torchbearer of Indian SaaS ecosystem inspiring many along the way and also helping create the next generation of SaaS entrepreneurs who will carry the torch forward.

πŸͺ™ Why should you care about DeSo which recently raised $200M

The Idea: DeSo wants to decentralize social media in the same way Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralizing the financial system.

The Motive:

"The data and content created by users today is privately owned by a handful of companies, rather than publicly accessible as an open utility. Because only a handful of companies have access to the content, only these companies can curate competitive feeds, only these companies can build competitive new features and apps, and only these companies can monetize this content-- content that isn't even created by these companies in the first place. There's value in combining all of the content into a single pool, since it allows for curation at a global scale, but whoever we put in charge of maintaining the pool is ultimately going to become a centralized gatekeeper like what we have today. A solution would arise if we had a way to shift the network effect to a public pool of content that no individual entity controls."

The DeSo Advantage: Mixing NFTs and Social Media

  • DeSo is making a user's social media profile, and a directory of their friends and connections known as a "social graph," available to developers to build networks of their own - from a community of sports enthusiasts to a political forum.
  • Facebook has been leveraging its hold over user data on the platform and its subsidiaries - Instagram and WhatsApp allowing a monopoly of sorts in the digital advertising space. DeSo aims to solve these problems by developing a new model for content distribution that decentralizes social media the same way Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralizing the traditional financial system.
  • DeSo has raised over $200 million from the who's who of Silicon Valley and crypto investors, including Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, Pantera Capital, Polychain Capital and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.


DeSo user profiles would look something like this:

User profile on DeSo
Pic Courtesy: Decrypt.co

If you're enthusiastic about decentralizing the social media space, join 5K other members on their Discord server to learn more!

πŸ—žοΈ Community Space Reads

πŸ₯ 10 Tweets you can't miss if you're building a community

Sharath has curated 10 powerful tweets from veterans in the community space - give them a read if you're out there, building a community!

πŸ‘‹ Clubhouse announces wave

Clubhouse is rolling out Wave, a feature that makes it easier to start private rooms with friends when you see that they’re online.

🏎️ NASCAR - the first sports league to be launched on Discord

Not only is NASCAR the first sports league on the platform, but it’s also helping bring new features to the platform that have never been done before. In addition to general chat features, the NASCAR channel will offer free access to live in-car audio streams from NASCAR Cup Series championship contenders beginning this weekend with the Round of 12. NASCAR race control and the PRN radio broadcast will also be streamed as well as a weekly driver fan vote.

πŸ“Ή Slack launches Clips, video messages that help you avoid meetings

Slack is launching its new Clips feature today, allowing coworkers to record video messages that exist in Slack channels. Clips supports audio from a microphone, alongside video and screen recordings.

πŸ“… Community Events

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