🎡 Build a highly sustainable community flywheel

Welcome to the 81st edition of Community Digest. This week, we learn how to build community flywheels and bring to you community updates from across the world.
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Pramod Rao
September 20, 2022

Welcome to the 81st edition of Community Digest. Every week, we bring to you community updates from across the world. Let’s get started!

Hey everyone! 👋

When you get a new member and you don’t offer great value and don’t take measures to engage with them effectively, they leave.

Creating a funnel is standard practice even today, guiding members from the top of the funnel to the bottom. But it often doesn’t stick, a lot of them end up either reaching a dead-end or just making a U-turn and heading back.

The idea of a flywheel has been conceptualized to create a self-sustaining model that spins on its own.

Think about this - A stranger to your brand or business sees/reads/hears something about your product. They discover it, go through your community knowledge base, check out your product, and become aware of the community.

Join the community, go through an extremely fun onboarding process, get instant value through activation, and start participating in conversations.

Soon they are active contributors who are writing content, sharing advice, and providing answers. Before you know it, they become advocates for your brand and start promoting it publicly. A stranger sees/reads/hears something about your brand. This becomes a cycle - the flywheel.

As a community builder, you have to make this flywheel as frictionless as possible. This friction can be anything - a lack of engagement, poor onboarding, monotonous events, unclear purpose, or lack of good community culture.

But once the flywheel gains momentum, it spins faster, gets bigger, and spins longer. You just have to strategize ways to make sure it doesn't stop.

Here's an amazing 🧵 on community flywheels.

Ohh, and the Meetup in SF was absolutely crazy 🤙 🚀

We made a splash during our meetup at the CMX summit last week. It was great getting to meet such amazing community builders in person. Sharath and I couldn't contain our excitement, it was an experience of a lifetime!

Word of advice: sometimes it's okay to not have everything go according to plan, it's okay to be spontaneous. And remember, if you don't ask, the answer's always no.

We had enlightening conversations filled with laughter and insights. And the best part? Community builders loved our swag. Tears of joy, really.👇

🎟 Build Minimum Viable Communities with Rosie Sherry

Similar to how you test the waters before taking a deep dive, a Minimum Viable Community (MVC) is reminiscent of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). By building MVCs, you can more intimately understand what people want and scale things from there.

Join us as Rosie Sherry shares invaluable insights on MVCs and how you can build them from the ground up.

RSVP if you haven't already!

🤯 AMA With Notion's Community Manager!

We're hosting our first-ever AMA with none other than Francisco Cruz, Community Manager at Notion.

This is happening exclusively in our Slack community. Here's your ticket to join.

Amazing Community builders from organizations like Salesforce, Squarespace, Gong, Meetup, Glide, FeverBee, and more are already here. I'm sure you don't want to miss out on that! 🤷‍♂️

👀 Your Community Twitter Updates Are Here!

Gainsight's CEO gets it  💯

From a community-first approach to a $20 billion acquisition 🚀

That's it for today! You can find us here on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next week,
Co-founder, Threado

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