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November 2, 2021

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🪴How Funnel IQ is nurturing and enabling 3K+ RevOps professionals through its community

🤯 Read Slack messages in VR!

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🪴How Funnel IQ is nurturing and enabling 3K+ RevOps professionals through its community

Funnel IQ’s approach towards effective community building

"My career path has been rather meandering and includes a variety of experiences. I always thought that starting a company would be fun, but had no clue how it was actually done." -Matthew Volm

Not every startup story is glamourous. Matthew grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and was the first person in his family to go to college. He hopped on to multiple jobs, in multiple domains. He had no experience with how startups function. But he went on to create Tali, a now-defunct, VC backed SaaS tool - a timekeeping solution for lawyers powered by voice technology like Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

But in 2.5 years, it shut down. This was just the beginning.

While shuttling between jobs, Matthew identified another problem - data is absorbed better with an interesting backstory. You can tell a story only once you narrow down your focus more on key highlights that the data speak. This is more difficult than one would assume. 👇

How do you identify and communicate key highlights from multiple data flows? Source.

With all the toiled efforts of trying to find a tool that can simplify data for GTM and RevOps teams, Matthew Volm and Ganesh Sridharan set out to build Funnel IQ in 2020! Funnel IQ provides end-to-end funnel analytics and insights that keep your marketing, sales, and customer success teams working seamlessly together.

Data, anyone?

Funnel IQ has raised over $1.4M in 2 funding rounds and is one of the most looked-up tools by RevOps and GTM teams.

Today, Funnel IQ runs its community Rev-Ops Co-Op, which nurtures 3000+ members on Slack to be better RevOps professionals

Read the complete journey in our detailed case study! 👇

Take Me There

🗞️ Community Reads

🤯 Slack and Dropbox in VR

Slack message gave your VR a buzzkill recently? Well, not anymore.

Soon you’ll be able to read incessant Slack messages without ever having to take off your VR headset. Meta is working on a new framework for bringing 2D apps (Slack, Dropbox) to the Oculus Store so that users don't have to navigate out of VR to check notifications.

🐥 Twitter now lets all iOS users ‘Super Follow’ select creators

Here's what more you can do with 'Super Follow':

  • You get exclusive access to the creator's content and can subscribe to it on a monthly basis. Once you are in - you see tweets meant only for Super Followers.
  • You’ll get a public badge that appears when you reply to anyone you Super Follow

🪙 Crypto College - a week-long course and community for those who want to be leaders in Web3, by Greg Isenberg

Learn all about NFTs, DAOs and Tokenized Communities in this course by Greg Isenberg! It's the best place to be equipped with resources to take on Web3! Buy an NFT and get access to the course & Discord community. Check it out!

💯 Importance of Building A “Community-First” Company

"The next evolution of companies will be created in public with early customers, partners, and supporters. They’ll be community-owned and operated, building upon the playbooks created by these early NFT and play-to-earn projects.Founders can’t skip the community-building part anymore. It’s essential to company building.”

-Jenny Weigle

Read all about it here 👇

📈 The future of the internet is communities! A thread 🧵

🏋️ Meta (Facebook earlier) is buying Within, creators of the ‘Supernatural’ VR fitness app

Within is the creator of Supernatural, a Beat Saber-style workout app that kicked off pretty well last year during the pandemic! Supernatural is one of the top successful VR fitness launches, facilitating movement-based high-impact cardio exercises. Check out the supernatural community of 21K+ members here!

📅 Community Events

👨‍💼 Community Jobs

  • Minti - NFT Community Manager (US, Remote)
  • Holaplex - NFT Community Manager (US, Remote)
  • Inspirit - Community Manager (US, Remote)
  • Messari - Community Manager (US, Remote)
  • RevGenius - Community Manager (North America)

💼 Hiring Alert at Threado!!

If you are eager to be a part of the founding team of an early-stage product-led startup, hop on to our ride! We're hiring for key roles. Check them out 👇

📱Head of Product Design - Great design is at the core of our mission to enable community builders across the globe to create memorable community experiences. We are looking for a Head of Product Design who will shape the design of our product and build the design culture at Threado from scratch.

👩‍💼 Product Manager - looking for our Founding Product Manager who will own product value discovery, our product roadmap, work closely with our early partners and ship products that delight community builders.

✍️ Content Marketing Lead - who will own and shape the voice of Threado. Every interaction with our potential users (community builders) across platforms is an opportunity for us to delight them and add value. As a Content Marketing Lead, you will be deeply involved in delighting our users through engaging, entertaining, and educational content.

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