❓ Helping members seek and offer help

Make it easy for your community members to seek and offer help by creating dedicated spaces in your community. Here are a few best practices to foster a culture of supporting one another.
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Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021

This is the channel or space that sees maximum engagement across communities we have come across.

You could either have it as separate channels - Asks and Offers - or just combine it into one - Asks-and-Offers. We prefer the former as it is more focused. To get the conversation started, initiate asking a few questions, here are some prompt formats:

  • Can anyone recommend .... ?
  • What is the best/worst ... ?
  • What tool do you use for ... ?
  • Best practices for ... ?
  • A vs B - recommendation?

Best practices:

  • To foster a culture of supporting one another, prompt members to post at least one thing they can to help with on the Offers channel before posting an ask.
  • Ensure every message gets a response on the channel. Over time, empower the most active users on the channel to help you with this responsibility.
  • Create a FAQs page on Notion and capture the most frequently posted questions on the channel. Makes it easier for members to get to answers faster.
  • Call out the most engaging posts on the channel in your community newsletter and/or in your catch-up sessions with the community.

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