📚 Maintaining a central Community Wiki

Create a central information hub for your members to access valuable information - past sessions, discussions, files, and more.
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Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021

Make it easy for your members to go to a place to get all the information they need about the community. Here's a quick template for you to put together for a Wiki.

Welcome to YourCommunityName wiki! Here you can find out everything about the community to get started 👇

  • About YourCommunityName
  • Mission statement or Purpose
  • Community Guidelines and/or Code of Conduct
  • Past discussions/sessions/guides
  • Community Perks
  • Top contributors and top content
  • Meet your admins/community managers
  • Upcoming events bulletin board

The best tool for creating your internal wiki is (you guessed it)... Notion.

Here's a tutorial on creating a team (or community) wiki 👇

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