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The future of work is here. It is not limited to four walls.
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Pramod Rao
November 16, 2021

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The future of work is here. It is not limited to four walls, not country borders or languages. The power of virtual collaboration has enabled people to build, recruit and ship to and from different parts of the world. It is interesting to witness the lines between real and virtual blur. And tech has only fueled this paradigm shift. Discord is one such great example.

Today, we bring to you the growth story of one such tool that became every builder's favourite in no time - Notion. But what did the early days look like? How did they build a community so strong? We explore these questions in this week's case study.

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📝 Notion - The $10 billion community-led growth engine

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Notion - The $10 billion community-led growth engine

In 2013, Ivan Zhao And Simon Last founded Notion - an all-in-one collaborative workspace. Notion 1.0 however only enabled notes and an internal wiki that was collaborative.

By 2015, Notion was dying. They were gonna run out of money. They fired the team of 4 founding members. They decided to get away to someplace they weren't distracted and could focus on reshaping the product. That's how they landed up in Kyoto, Japan. Ivan was spending 18+ hours redesigning Notion.

In March 2018, Notion 2.0 was released. It received praise on Product Hunt as the #1 Product of the Month with close to 8000 upvotes and was featured in an article in WSJ.

Today Notion is valued at over $10 billion after the latest $275 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital and Coatue Management. It has close to 20M users today. Its community on social platform Reddit has 150,000 subscribers, nearly ten times the number of members on Slack. Supporting all this is a team of just about 200 people. Source.

How did they do it? Read our detailed case study. 👇

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🗞️ Community Reads

🏗️ Constitution DAO - witnessing one of the coolest human experiments ever

ConstitutionDAO has raised nearly $3 million, or 609 Ether coins, since launching a crowdfunding platform on Sunday night to purchase the document, which is one of 13 first-run copies of the Constitution that has survived from an original circulation of 500.

🐥 Twitter is building a crypto team

The future of decentralized social media is almost here! Under the leadership of Tess Rinearson, Twitter will build a team focused on crypto. Twitter is looking for ways to support the growing interest among creators to use decentralized apps to manage virtual goods and currencies and to support their work and communities. Along with this, they'll be exploring how ideas from crypto communities can help us push the boundaries of what’s possible with identity, community, ownership and more.

📷 Instagram launching creator subscriptions

Instagram will soon launch creator subscriptions into broader testing. The addition of the new “Instagram Subscriptions” in-app purchase options likely signals the coming wider launch of Instagram’s subscription-based creator platform. Instagram has been open about its plans to expand its set of creator tools to include things like subscriptions and even NFTs as it works to make its platform more creator-friendly.

📈 The launch of 3rd cohort of On Deck Community Builders Fellowship - building the future of business success

On Deck launched the 3rd cohort of the Community Builders Fellowship. The future of business is community-driven yet most community teams struggle to demonstrate their business value. On Deck is here to change that. Tracks at ODCB help Community leaders to form strategies, accelerate growth and also build a community in Web3 (DAO).

Twitter avatar for @isolive

Laís de Oliveira @isolive

Forward-thinking business leaders know that the future of business success is community. The metaverse is 100% community. In that context, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the 3rd cohort of the @beondeck Community Builders Fellowship. Link:

On Deck Community BuildersOn Deck Community Builders (ODCB) is a continuous membership for experienced leaders who want to supercharge their communities by refining their knowledge and working within a vetted peer network.beondeck.com

November 11th 2021

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🖥️ Microsoft wants a piece of the metaverse too!

Microsoft wants a piece of the metaverse, too, so at its Ignite conference today, the company announced 3D avatars for those Teams meetings where you don’t want to be on camera. The animated personalized avatars are part of what Microsoft calls “Mesh for Teams,” which combines the company’s Mesh platform for powering shared experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality and elsewhere, with Teams and its built-in productivity tools.

Twitter avatar for @TechCrunch

TechCrunch @TechCrunch

Microsoft Teams gets 3D animated avatars, because metaverse tcrn.ch/31otIbrby @fredericl

Microsoft Teams gets 3D animated avatars, because metaverse – TechCrunchMicrosoft wants a piece of the metaverse, too, so at its Ignite conference today, the company announced 3D avatars for those Teams meetings where you don’t want to be on camera. Those animated personalized avatars are part of what Microsoft calls “Mesh for Teams,” which combines the company’s Mesh p…tcrn.ch

November 2nd 2021

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🦁 Stoa School - bringing an alternative community-led MBA Cohort-based course to India!

A year ago, Stoa brought together 300+ learners, working with 80+ startups and 50+ operator-teachers to innovate and make business education fun and accessible. Now, Stoa has secured backing from some of the best founders, operators, creators and investors across the India / US startup ecosystem to establish themselves as the top business school for the digital economy. The investors include Nithin Kamath, Kunal Shah, Gagan Biyani, Sharath and many more!

💻 How to build an MVC - Minimum Viable Community

MVCs are a perfect way to get started with the community. Not only to understand if building the community is right for you but also to understand what it is people actually need from the community. So how should you build one? Rosie explains in this thread 👇

Twitter avatar for @rosiesherry

Rosie Sherry (🌈 , 🌈) @rosiesherry

👋 How to build a Minimum Viable Community (MVC)Stop doing lots of community planning upfront and instead embrace small scale experimentation with a Minimum Viable Community approach.🧵

November 11th 2021

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How should we nudge the member inflow and outflow of community members

Building a community will have varying rhythms depending on how difficult it is to join. Few case studies suggest that membership will evolve over time - and changes to membership models should align to community ethics and mission. Thus building paths for the mission, balancing between community needs and individual member needs.

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rafa0 @rafathebuilder

As digital-first communities grow, a common question emerges: “How should we nudge the member inflow / outflow?”This comes often in two flavours, presented by a community member:- How do we get more people to join?- Should we increase the price of membership? (More tokens)

November 9th 2021

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📅 Community Events

  • 18th Nov, 11:30PM IST: Community Hacked - How Notion uses the community as their core growth channel with Ben Lang (Head of Community, Notion)

👨‍💼 Community Jobs

  • Sketch - Social Community Manager (US)
  • Zilliz - Open Source Community Manager (SF, Remote)
  • Apollo.io - Sr. Customer Marketing and Community Manager (SF, Remote)
  • Pastel Network - Community Manager (NYC, Remote)
  • Coursera - Community Manager (US, Remote)
  • Coinbase - Community Manager, Crypto Intelligence (US, Remote)
  • Hubspot - YouTube Community Manager (US, Remote)

💼 Hiring Alert at Threado!!

If you are eager to be a part of the founding team of an early-stage product-led startup, hop on to our ride! We're hiring for key roles. Check them out 👇

📱Head of Product Design - Great design is at the core of our mission to enable community builders across the globe to create memorable community experiences. We are looking for a Head of Product Design who will shape the design of our product and build the design culture at Threado from scratch.

👩‍💼 Product Manager - looking for our Founding Product Manager who will own product value discovery, our product roadmap, work closely with our early partners and ship products that delight community builders.

✍️ Content Marketing Lead - who will own and shape the voice of Threado. Every interaction with our potential users (community builders) across platforms is an opportunity for us to delight them and add value. As a Content Marketing Lead, you will be deeply involved in delighting our users through engaging, entertaining, and educational content.

🕵️‍♂️ Senior Quality Assurance Engineer - a Sr. quality analyst with good QA experience and will be responsible for improving the overall quality of the platform by analysing business scenarios, edge cases and user experience.

🧑‍💻 Senior Software Engineer - Backend - Senior Java Developer with good product development experience to join our founding engineering team.

👩‍💻 Senior Software Engineer - Frontend - a Senior ReactJS Developer who has experience in developing great UI experiences and is passionate about Frontend engineering.

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