Serendipity Bot Is Here To Find Your Ideal Match

Welcome to the 53rd edition of our newsletter. Today, we will talk about the growth journey of Pendo.
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February 15, 2022

Welcome to the 53rd edition of our newsletter. Today, we will talk about the growth journey of Pendo. You will also find some announcements, community events, reads and jobs you shouldn't miss.

Hey everyone! 👋

It is that time of the month when we announce our latest drop! 🥁

On Valentine’s Day we launched “Serendipity Bot” - a match matching bot that is one of its kind! A helpful and easy way to connect and be introduced to someone based on what you’re interested in.

Sounds interesting? Fill in your deets here and you will get your match soon!

Reveal My Match

Who knows when serendipity strikes? Find out more about the bot here 👀 👇

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">🚨New Drop Alert!🚨<br><br>Meet Serendipity Bot by Threado.🎉<br><br>Date or no date - here&#39;s the only matchmaking tool you should be using this Valentine&#39;s day 👀🧵<br><br>(1/n) <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Threado (@ThreadoHQ) <a href="">February 14, 2022</a></blockquote><script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

In case you received this email in your promotions tab, do move it to your primary tab. It only takes 5 seconds and will help you earn good karma points. 🤗

🔭 The best of both worlds - Pendo’s explosive community-driven growth


Pendo is a software platform that gives product-led organisations the right tools to analyze how their customers are using their product, how do they feel about the product in general, and what are the things the product is being used for.

July 2021, Pendo raises its most recent funding of $150 million which brought the valuation to $2.6 billion. With this Pendo also crossed another milestone of achieving $100 million ARR. How did a community-driven approach help the company achieve this?

Read it all in this week's case study here.

💻 Threado Community Hour Episode 2 is here!


Join us on 23rd February 12 NOON EST for an interesting conversation with community expert Anamaria Dorgo. An Ondeck Community Building Fellow and the Head of Community at Butter, she comes with 10+ years of experience. “I am never not learning : training design & delivery, workshop facilitation, design thinking, design sprint, liberating structures, community building.” she says.

Register for the event here.

🗞️ Community Essentials

  • Event Alert! - Join 20,000 people from across the globe at Block by Block, Notion’s virtual conference on March 2, 2022! An incredible lineup of industry leaders and keynote speakers will share their best strategies for unlocking a new level of creativity and productivity for teams. Register here.
  • Lessons Learned from 15 Years of Community Building - Don't miss this AMA with Rosie Sherry to unpack two decades of hard-won community engagement & growth lessons into practical takeaways you can apply right away. Register here.
  • The Power Of Community, In The Real World And The Metaverse - Is a paradigm shift happening for big brands? What is decentralised social media? A Web3 world in 5 years? Watch Scott Melkar in conversation with Greg Isenberg to find out what it takes to make it in the vast new digital world here.

👨‍💼 Community Jobs

  • Airtribe - Community Manager (India, Remote)
  • Microsoft - Community Manager (Redmond, Remote)
  • Autodesk- Community Manager (NY, Hybrid)

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