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Welcome to the 51st edition of our newsletter. Today, we will talk about the growth journey of Softr.
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Pramod Rao
February 1, 2022

Welcome to the 51st edition of our newsletter. Today, we will talk about the growth journey of Softr. You will also find some announcements, community events, reads and jobs you shouldn't miss. If you are new here, join 3400+ community enthusiasts from across the globe by subscribing below 👇

Hey everyone! 👋

While talking to a community manager this week, I asked - “What is a community hack that most people don’t know?”

”Never underestimate the power of simple conversations” she replied.

“Any community is only sustainable if members have enough reasons to come back to it. While driving thought-provoking conversations go a long way, sometimes a simple conversation about one’s favourite TV show can help members bond with each other. After all, we are all humans.”

I can’t agree more! When was the last time you had a simple but meaningful conversation?

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🤵🏻‍♀️ Becoming a no-code connoisseur - Softr’s community-led success story

“Softr is really like lego, it offers all the lego bricks — a.k.a. the building blocks — so you can make any type of lego yourself — a.k.a. web-apps. While diving into alternative solutions, we saw a huge gap in the market — the current tools were either too basic or too complex and technical. So we set out to build one, which is extremely easy and simple to use and at the same time powerful and rich in functionality.” says Mariam Hakobyan, CEO of Softr.

On 21st January 2021, Softr announced a $2.2 million seed funding after being received with open arms by the no-code community. What was the secret sauce for their success?

Read it all in this week's case study.

🚨Threado Community Hour is here!

Our first drop for 2022, Community Hour is happening today! We have an hour-long panel discussion and interactive session with community experts Sharath Kuruganti and Corey Haines lined up for you. See you there!

Which got us thinking...

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">How to host a successful community event: Tips from Jake Peralta!<br><br>A thread🧵 <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Threado (@ThreadoHQ) <a href="">January 31, 2022</a></blockquote><script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

🗞️ Community Essentials

  • Event Alert! - Join an incredible group of event mavens who are boldly experimenting, learning and producing events in the virtual space. Normalising and celebrating failure is a necessary part of growth especially in the ever-evolving virtual event space. RSVP for ‘Celebrating Failure: Your Greatest Virtual Event Mishaps’ happening on Feb 17 at 1pm EST here.
  • The Power Of Community, In The Real World And The Metaverse - Is a paradigm shift happening for big brands? What is decentralised social media? A Web3 world in 5 years? Watch Scott Melkar in conversation with Greg Isenberg to find out what it takes to make it in the vast new digital world here.
  • Top 10 ways to offer value in your community - Is your community more inclined towards an independent work culture, or a collaborative workspace where communication is paramount? Is it more important to have one-on-one conversations with each community member, or have group events more often? Find the top 10 tips here.
  • Turing Community Special Launch Event - Join the launch of Turing Community to meet the team, enjoy a live comedy show, participate in games, contests, giveaways, and more. Happening on Thursday, Feb 3, 8:00 AM (PST). RSVP here.

🏆 Threado Wall Of Fame

Our amazing beta partners have made it to the news again. 🤗 Here’s celebrating their wins! -

  • Hera Calendar is live on Product Hunt - Get all your calendars, across accounts, in one place. Schedule events, share availabilities, plan your day, without leaving Hera. They are already on #3, go show them your support on Product Hunt.
  • Bubble Passwordless Auth Plugin by SAWO live on Product Hunt - Giving Hera a tough competition on the leaderboard, SAWO Labs product seamlessly integrate Passwordless Authentication on and drive conversions by 54% all with no-code. Go support them here.
  • Scaler Academy raises $55 million in a Series B funding - Edtech startup Scaler Academy, which helps college students and tech professionals upgrade their skills, said it has raised $55 million in a Series B funding round led by Lightrock India. Their valuation has increased to $710 million after the funding!

👨‍💼 Community Jobs

  • Canva - Education Community Manager, (SF, Remote)
  • JP Morgan Chase - Community Manager (Seattle, Remote)
  • Hubspot - Community Manager (Developer Forums) (Cambridge, Remote)

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