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Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021

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Welcome to Threado Wire! Our weekly newsletter updating you about the world of communities - groups to join, recommended reads, events and occasional updates from us.

This Week's Top Stories

Why Microsoft wants Discord?

Microsoft is reportedly in "exclusive talks" to acquire Discord. Discord has a whopping 140 million monthly active users that includes thousands of top YouTubers, creators, and gamers and 6.7 million active servers every single day! It’s a huge community that Microsoft would get access to, 75% of which are Discord users outside of North America.

Twitter is working on Community page

Twitter seems to be on a mission to ship several years worth of product roadmap in 2021. After newsletters, Twitter Spaces, they are now launching Community pages. Much speculation around how this might be a game changer for Twitter. Few call it “Reddit without anonymity”.

Greg Isenberg's rolling venture fund for community based businesses

Greg’s company Late Checkout has launched a rolling venture fund focused on funding the best community-based businesses. You get a chance to invest alongside too. As he says, “Community - based businesses (CBB) are the future”.

200+ Community-Driven Founder Resources Guide

Lolita Taub with the help of several community operators has curated 200+ Community-Driven Founder Resources Guide for community builders/founders to help succeed on their startup journey. Haven't seen so much value packed into one page!

BitClout - The stock market for people

Klout was way ahead of its time but maybe BitClout is at the right place at the right time. A social currency platform that lets you invest in people before they become huge. The top 15,000 Twitter influencers automatically have a profile and coin on BitClout. How legit is this though? Read on.

Learnings of a veteran community builder

Avinash Raghava was invested in community building for the past 18 years. He shares invaluable learnings he picked on his way throughout the journey, on this Thread.

On Deck raises $20M

On Deck, the Stanford of the internet, has raised $20 million from 180+ of the world’s top investors and operators to create the modern educational institution for the next 100 years.

Community is the new real estate

Ayush Jaiswal (CEO, Pestotech) chats with Ryan Hoover (Founder, Product Hunt) and Nick Abouzeid (Marketing Head, MainStreet) about everything - community! Catch their recorded chat here.

Enjoyed reading these? Here's a curated list of 100+ reads on community, growth and more 👉 Threado Wire

Communities to check out

This week's list of communities is a bunch you could join to further your hobby/area of interest. ⚽ 🎵 Check it out!

💪 We Fast (5500+) - join the active community to talk Intermittent Fasting, get tips and support, trade stories and experiences.

🚵‍♂️ Hikers & Backpackers (2500+) - a community of outdoor enthusiasts.

🎼 Radiant Music (2400+) - a welcoming community for everyone to connect over one common passion - music!

📰 Grasswire (1800+) - a collaborative community to pitch, source, verify, write and edit newsworthy, interesting and unbiased stories.

⛹️ Starters (1500+) - a community of sports technology founders and doers together, pushing sports to new levels through technology and innovation.

Upcoming events to join in

📆 3rd April, 10:30PM IST :Watercooler chat with Shrehith Karkera (Co-Founder, Finshots) on The Builders Club.

📆 21st April:SaaS metrics summit - Master the metrics you need to succeed.

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