🔖 What Is Your Community's Health Score

Welcome to the 78th edition of Community Digest. This week, we talk about your community's health score and bring to you community updates from across the world.
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Hritika Singh
August 22, 2022

Welcome to the 78th edition of Community Digest. Every week, we bring to you community updates from across the world. Let’s get started!

Hey everyone! 👋

Let's talk about tracking metrics today.

Ideally, you should be noting numbers to check two things - Community health metrics (how healthy is your community) and Business metrics (how is community impacting your business)

Some metrics you should be including in your community report -

  • Total members, new members added
  • % of new members who took an action (reacted to content, posted a message)
  • Daily active members, monthly active members
  • Number of messages, replies and reactions posted
  • % of messages that received a reply
  • NPS / feedback scores from the community

What metrics do you track on a regular basis? Let us know in the reply to this email!

🎟️ Threado Community Hour Is Back!

For the next episode, we are pumped to host Christina Garnett, Senior Marketing Manager for Offline Community & Advocacy at HubSpot!

A sneak peek of all the things we will cover 👀

  • Why should a startup build an advocacy program?
  • ​What are some foundational things community builders should consider when creating an advocacy program?
  • ​How to blend gamification and community when designing a program?

and much more!


🔥 Attention: New Drop Coming Soon!

Presenting an arsenal of actionable automation templates that can be replicated and activated in seconds. We’re not even exaggerating!

Launching next week! Keep an eye on this section 🚀

🔦  Threado Community Spotlight: Divya Haritwal

Divya takes care of everything related to the growth and engagement of the community at Ultrahuman.

"The best and easiest way to keep learning and experimenting while building some amazing communities is by talking to the members."

A book she recommends reading - MCTB by Daniel Ingram. "In my experience, Buddhism is a very hands-on, DIY practice that has helped me improve all aspects of life. This is a book on various practices and techniques in Buddhism that can help you understand and implement them better." says Divya

Want to be a part of more such conversations? Join the community for community managers today!

👀 Your Community Twitter Updates Are Here!

🧠 Need a good list of tools? Here you go!

🔖 Bookmark worthy thread!

👀 Why your audience research matters!

That's it for today! You can find us here on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next week,
Co-founder, Threado

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