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Welcome to the 65th edition of Community Digest. This is a special edition in collaboration with Anna Grigoryan. We also look at the growth story of Glide. You will find exclusive announcements, resources and updates you shouldn't miss!
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Hritika Singh
May 10, 2022

Welcome to the 65th edition of Community Digest. This is a special edition in collaboration with Anna Grigoryan. We also look at the growth story of Glide. You will find exclusive announcements, resources and updates you shouldn't miss!

Hello everyone! 👋

Yes, we all love what Anna Grigoryan does at Community Weekly! So we asked her if she could write something for our readers and she did! This edition features her tips and recommendations for all community builders out there.

But first, we have a few quick announcements to make! So without wasting any more time, let's get right into it! :)

🎟️ CMX India x Threado: Speaker Reveal!


Presenting our first speaker of the CMX India Chapter x Threado 📣

Suhas Motwani, founder of The Product Folks will be sharing his journey of building the most successful product community in the country!

Topic: Community Metrics: Going Beyond Insights
📅 : 18th May, 9 PM IST

Register Now!

👀 Seats Filling Up Fast! RSVP Now


Join us for a 45 minute long super engaging conversation with Sarah Hawk as she talks more about building successful superuser programs and experiences for your community! We'll be breaking out into curated networking rooms for the last 30 minutes - an opportunity for you to meet fellow community builders and learn from their experiences.

What are you waiting for?


🪂 Spread your wings and Glide - On a mission to empower the next wave of No-code communities


There’s a saying that spreadsheets are the most successful programming model of all time, and smartphones are the most successful computers of all time. After exploring ideas for what Glide could be, they thought about if these two forces can be combined. What lies in that intersection could mean that building apps become as easy as filling out a spreadsheet. It wasn’t about building just another no-code app, but about building something that makes people go “yeah, this is the sh#t!”

Read more in this week's case study.

🤔 How to Build Rituals in Your Community by Anna Grigoryan

And now, the section you all have been waiting for!

We asked her a question - How to build rituals in your community?

Here’s what she has to say -

“Before talking about rituals for the community, it’s best if you already have a settled mission. Your mission should clearly state what you are giving to your members, and why they are joining the community.

Now when it comes to building rituals, first of all, it may take a lot of time to settle on what kind of rituals are appropriate to your community. So don’t be afraid if some things don’t stick or need to change.

Before adding any ritual to the community it’s better to have answers to the following questions.

1. What do members need?

Example: support in hiring, marketing, and finding relevant connections in the market.

Is there something members need at this point in time that I can help with or the community can help with. The only way to have an answer to this question is to have regular conversations with your members.

2. What do members want?

Example: start a profitable side hustle, grow a podcast, raise an investment round

What is the larger goal the members follow that the community can help them with? Needs and wants stem from each other and by addressing one part of the problem you can help them to build towards their larger goal. So understanding where your community can fit and supporting them in their journey is crucial.

3. What can your members easily contribute?

A community is a community just because it’s not only *you* who is solving problems and providing value but also other members. When designing rituals that are addressing a want/need of a member try to make them with the community in mind.

Example: asking a member who recently raised an investment round to share their experience.

Only by creating an open and supporting environment can your community thrive."

👀 Anna’s recommendations

  1. I love following Sari Azout. I think she’s one of the most influential thinkers on the creator economy. I love her framing of creators and community problems into large societal problems. I loved her essay on the future of search engines on a16z The Future of Search Is Boutique | Future (a16z.com)
  2. Kate Lindsay writes Embedded - one of the newsletters I’m thrilled to receive in my inbox. Her explorations of modern feminism, internet culture and creator economy are always interesting to follow.
  3. Podcast Brunch club does titanic work on bringing interesting podcasts to the light. They curate lists of podcasts based on specific themes that you can listen to later on their monthly meetups or with your friends. They are the book club of podcasting.

🏗️ We are building something!


By the way, we are coming up with something for the community builders looking for a job transition. Stay tuned to find out what we have in store👀

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See you next week!
Hritika Singh

Chief Meme Officer at Threado

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