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We got answers.

What really is the Community Jobs Board?

We know looking for a new job can be a difficult job. This is an attempt to assist you in the process by refining the Community Jobs Board as your magic portal to get access to exclusive resources and jobs in the community space. Our team refines the search for you and updates the jobs board regularly.

What will I get out of it?

With the Community Jobs Board, we want to foster serendipity. Our aim is to help you get your next community role. Every week, our team brings you the best community manager jobs in the industry. The filtered search results help you get to your ideal job as quickly as possible.

How can I apply for these jobs?

The opportunities on the Community Jobs Boards are updated regularly. You will find links to the best community jobs in the industry. In the same place, you will find the job description and every other information that you might need. You can apply for these jobs directly through the link provided on the website.

How often is the jobs board updated?

Through Community Jobs Board, we try our best to bring the best community manager roles for you. The roles listed here are The board is updated every few weeks. Our team keeps an eye on every interesting opportunity that opens up and works tirelessly to bring it to you as soon as possible.

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