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Badges represent a member’s achievements, skills, and involvement with an online community. A badge is usually displayed on a member’s or user’s profile and it denotes their reputation within the community. You can comprehend what type of community member someone is simply from the badges they have.

Setting badges can help understand the community better, here’s how -

This is a great way to segregate and identify your community into groups. It becomes a reliable and obvious metric to understand varying levels of engagement within the community and recognize the more engaged members from the lesser engaged or newer ones.

Why does it work and why should you use it?

Gamification (see definition) has been a proven metric for better engagement in communities. Badges tend to incentivize a member’s involvement in the community which in turn acts as a motivational factor for them to add more badges to their profile.

Why this works is because it creates a sense of inclusivity and validates a member’s contribution to the community. When you let someone know instantly what their engagement is worth, they have a newfound reason to be more and more involved with the community.

For example - this is how Glide uses badges in their community.

They also have a trust level, so, depending on how many badges the members have, they part put into different categories with different access and privileges.

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