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Welcome to the 67th edition of Community Digest. We are launching Threado Community today and have a special guest introducing you to it! Read on to find more such fun announcements.
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Hritika Singh

Welcome to the 70th edition of Community Digest. This week we talk about lurkers. We have a free resource, twitter update and a community crossword puzzle for you!

Hey everyone! 👋

Today we talk about lurkers in the community.

Most online communities follow a 1-9-90 rule. 1% of the members create experiences, 9% engage and the remaining 90% are passive.

So how do you ensure an awesome experience? Well, let's start by segmenting members into four buckets:

For the Lurkers, you can add value in alternate ways. The goal should be to make it easy for them to participate or get value out of the community. Here are 4 quick actionable tips:

  • Share most popular discussions and upcoming events from the community
  • Make it easy for them to access the community knowledge base
  • Highlight benefits of being an active member and nudge them to take action
  • In all communication, ask for feedback on how you can improve or add further value to members

Or you can send them this song. Just kidding! (or am I?)

👀 Look Who's Here For Threado Community Hour!

The "Build In Public" guy is here to share his wisdom nuggets from his journey of building on the internet. If you follow him on Twitter, we don't need to convince you that this session will be awesome! If you don't, we recommend doing it right away!

Register Now!🆓 Another Week, Another Free Resource

You know how you might’ve read or heard something which you weren’t sure about and now you want to know what it means? We got you.

We built this Community Glossary that puts together all the terms around community building you’ll ever need.

More than just boring textbook definitions, deep-dive into the world of community-building through best practices, real-life examples, explanations, how-tos, and what-nots.

Get your FREE copy today!

🧩 Solve This Community Puzzle #1

Click here to solve this community puzzle and share it on your social media accounts by tagging by tagging @ThreadoHQ. We might have a surprise for the first two people who get the answers right!

Answers in the next edition! :)

👀 Your Community Twitter Updates Are Here!

🤔 Just Monday thoughts

it's monday...again

🧠 Design that perfect onboarding experience!

How to design great onboarding for your community — a 5-tweet summary of how @caremjo uses @circleapp to onboard ne… https://t.co/YC8fKpYun6

💼 Are you?

Are you managing your community's real estate? Your community engages your members way deeper than your newsletter… https://t.co/QCPmGLyy0P

🔥 Hot Tip

Community Building Pro-Tip: You can build community programs to scale if you are afraid to fail.

📣 Last Week On #CommuniTEAOnTwitter

It's time for another #CommuniTEAOnTwitter. Today we have @desheltn who manages the super amazing community at… https://t.co/zpMuu0dqXz

That’s it for this week. If you liked our content, please do give us a shoutout and we'll bring to you such interesting updates.

You can find us here on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next week,
Chief Meme Officer at Threado

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