Do You Have The Monica Geller Syndrome?

Welcome to the 52nd edition of our newsletter. Today, we will talk about the growth journey of Dovetail.
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Pramod Rao
February 8, 2022

Welcome to the 52nd edition of our newsletter. Today, we will talk about the growth journey of Dovetail. You will also find some announcements, community events, reads and jobs you shouldn't miss.

Hey everyone! 👋

How many times have you found yourself perfecting and organising every single thing at work? If clean and beautiful excel sheets make you the happiest, you my friend might have the ‘Monica Geller Syndrome’. Here are some signs to watch out for! 👀 👇

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🦘 Taking a leap of faith: The story of Dovetail and its up-and-coming community

In January this year, Dovetail announced their Series A funding of $63 million led by Accel Ventures, keeping their existing investors, and have raised their valuation to USD 700 million. Dovetail has now grown into a flourishing team of 65 people with more than 2,600 paying customers.

Dovetail’s community is new but not uninitiated. In 2021, the online community grew to over 3,500 people across product, design, and research, from all corners of the world.

”We don’t just want our community to be the fastest place to receive product support or provide feedback. We want it to be a place for you to learn, connect, and be challenged about creating impact with customer research within your organisation” - Team Dovetail

Read the story of Dovetail in this week's case study.

🗞️ Community Essentials

  • Event Alert! - NFT creators have figured out how to turn audiences into communities and this has been vital to their success. In this session, find out how NFT communities have masterfully given people both a sense of belonging and tangible incentives to interact. Understand marketing and community building strategies that can be applied to using NFTs themselves, and more generally, to anything you're developing. Happening on Feb 22, 12pm EST. RSVP here.
  • Should my brand build a community? - Wondering if building a community would actually help your brand? Here are 3 questions to see if community is a good fit for the brand you are building.
  • Your top 5 short community reads - Looking for quick community reads to stay updated with times? We compiled a list for you. Read it here.

👨‍💼 Community Jobs

🔍 CM Spotlight

Sharath has 7+ years of experience in product and community. He believes in building communities before building products.

”Community management is less of a transaction and more of a one-way street. You take a value-first approach and it grows over time.” he says

You can read everything he said about community building on the first Threado Community Hour here.

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