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Serendipity Bot

A community match making app. Create meanginful connections with curated matches in your community or newsletter.

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On Deck No-Code
'Serendipity Bot helps make mindful matches, effortless. I can see this being helpful to any community.'
"Serendipity Bot is a way better way to drive engagement and value in a community than to do a random 1:1 donut chats."

What is Serendipity Bot?

An Airtable base with match making secret sauce installed and ready for you to plug into your community. It's an open source match making bot, (100% no-code) that you can use for your own community. Instructions with how to use included! 

Create Connections

How will your community use it?
Each community member fills out an Airtable based on the unique interests of your community.
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The Serendipity Bot matching runs when your community has sufficient submissions.
The Community Manager decides when to send a match through email or your community Slack.

Building meaningful connections is hard

Joining a community is overwhelming

So you joined a community. Now what? How do you find the right people that are open to connecting on interests that matter to you?

Serendipity bot is an automated match making email and slack bot that introduces members of your community based on same interest.
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How to Get Started

We provide intructions for you. Step by step easy process in a Notion doc that can get you ready to start.

What you'll need

Email or Slack

Try it!

Want to connect with other amazing community folks? If you are interested in getting connected to others in the space, complete this form and get matched, then introduced to someone in the community.


Why build Serendipity Bot?

We created this because when you join a community it can be overwhelming to find someone that is open to connecting on a topic that you’re interested in. This is a helpful and easy way to get connected and introduced to someone based on what you’re interested in.

Who is this for?

Community Managers and anyone who has a newsletter audience that you want to add a ton of value for by making interesting connections.

How does it work?

Download the Airtable base that we have built as open source. Connect Zapier for the auto matchmaking. Connect your email or Slack channel to send the connections. (video instructions provided!)

How to use it?

Use the Airtable form included in the base and ask your community to fill out. The form is customizable to choose what subjects of interest to included for your community. Once a sufficient amount of community members has filled out you can then run the Serendipity match making bot. Instantly matches will be made. You're just a click away from sending an automated intro by email or through your community Slack channel.

What kind of communities is this for?

Any community. Also it can be used for newsletter audiences as well!

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